LUBBOCK, Texas – Two local entities donated to the Texas Boys Ranch to help them get an early start before school is back in session.

Hub Lions Club reached out to Cardinals Sporting Center  and asked about extra items that were never sold’during their annual sidewalk sale. Both organizations came up with the idea to donate them to the Texas Boys Ranch.

“This year, we were able to bring brand new shoes to them and brand new clothing,” said Bradley Whitworth, store manager of Cardinals Sporting Center. “To me, it’s exciting to see a kid you know that is going to get a pair of Jordan basketball shoes, or a pair of running Nike shoes and they are brand spanking new that he will get to wear to school like the other kids he goes to school with, so that is really exciting.”

“It feel’s great and it makes you a little bit humble to know that you can be a part of something like this,” said Dan Seale with the Hub Lions Club. “Our club really embraces it out here.”

Last year was the first year both organizations worked together and donated 17 boxes worth of items. Today, they donated 51 total boxes.

They said they hope to continue this joint project in the future.